Engineering mindset enables us to seek the best solutions for every possible requirement. Therefore, we apply engineering thinking to everything we do. Our services, including washing engineering, renovation, and technical maintenance, can be executed for all location and individual needs.


Washing Engineering

We provide top wash systems’ engineering services for all locations and individual needs. From military tanks to your garage. Take complete control of your project — we guarantee convenience, security with minimal support resources. Unique solutions for businesses of all sizes using case-specific system components from reliable manufacturers.



Take advantage of the renovation services:

  • Completely upgrade wash system’s hardware.
  • Update your old car wash exterior.
  • Install a card payment system.
  • Install accessories.

Technical Maintenance

Always feel reassured with our technical maintenance services:

  • Get equipment maintenance and repair services for MANTA CSW equipment.
  • Get equipment maintenance and repair services for equipment from other manufacturers.
  • Consultations on all issues.
  • Fast supply from our online shop.

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