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    Engineering mindset enables us to seek the best solutions for every possible requirement. Therefore, we apply engineering thinking to everything we do. Our services including washing engineering, renovation and technical maintenance can be executed for all locations and individual needs.

    Service 24/7
    Technical Maintenance
    Our goal is ensure that your car wash works 24/7. We think about it from designing and choosing components and later, providing.
    In case of wear, malfunction or failure we provide necessary repair services and supply of spare parts.
    Manta CWS provides technical maintenance of all systems of car washes - hydraulic, electric, control and other. Fast supply of spares is guaranteed from our own stock or from our partners. Using modern field service mangament software and self service portal for our customers ensures the highest service quality. Manta CWS provides technical support for equipment of all manufacturers.
    • phone/email or live consultation;
    • preventive inspection;
    • fault diagnosis;
    • regular maintenance.
    Manta CWS offers renovation services of existing car washes. Renovation can substantially increase revenue by turning your old car wash to more customer friendly, more attractive or higher quality car wash or simply cut-off your running costs by implementation of new technologies.
    • installing, changing or upgrading any functional unit, e.g., water softening, osmosis production, high pressure, dosing etc.;
    • adding more washing bays to existing car washes;
    • installing of start panels or completely new payment system;
    • implementing of technical monitoring system;
    • installing accessories, e.g. vacuum cleaners;
    • complete upgrade of car wash hardware installing new and modern Manta equipment to existing technical room;
    • renew of old car wash exterior - complete or partial.
    Washing Engineering
    We provide case-specific washing solutions for all locations and individual needs. From simple washing unit for your garage or service to special equipment for farmers or truck washes. From consultation to installation, from cost effective individual solution to monetization a large scale project.