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    Self service car washes
    We manufacture self-service car washes, combining Northern engineering and Italian industrial design. Our cutting-edge software and hardware technologies enable us to provide reliable modular structures for every location’s requirements. Get a self-service car wash tailored to your needs and generate even more returns!
    1-3 washing bays
    Self-service car wash equipment designed for best experience of a car wash owner and his customer. Number of washing boxes - up to 3. Technical room contains all equipment including water reservoirs* and a spacious storage place is still left *. SALA is the best investment for a location with a moderate flow of customers or where a large car wash does not fit - but without compromise on quality and reliability.
    4-8 washing bays
    Self-service car wash equipment for high intensity usage and providing the best experience for a car wash owner and his customer. Number of washing boxes - up to 8. Technical room contains all equipment but underground water reservoirs of 1000 liters capacity each should be installed.
    High-pressure car wash
    Compact and simple jet washing unit for a indoor installation. A cold water is used and up to 4 washing programs are available. A powerful 5,5 kW motor together with high pressure pump of nominal 200 bar / 12,5 l/min flow provides the desired washing result. PLC control allows implementation of custom functions. Payment system is optional. It is a solution for car workshops, farmers, truck washes, industrial applications etc.
    Product Comparison
    Feature Sala PORTO RORO
    Brush (optional)
    Technical Room (Container)
    Water Treatment
    High Intensity Wash
    Low Initial Investment

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