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    Automatic Car Wash Systems
    We manufacture self-service car washes, combining Northern engineering and Italian industrial design. Our cutting-edge software and hardware technologies enable us to provide reliable modular structures for every location’s requirements. Get a self-service car wash tailored to your needs and generate even more returns!
    Automatic Transport Wash System
    Commercial transport wash system for trucks, buses, and special vehicles that could be combined with a wide range of accessories. Complete customization is possible, enabling system configuration for different requirements.
    Automatic Car Wash System
    BRUSHED automatic car wash systems offer performance for any situation thanks to a set of highly functional washing and drying units. A modern concept structure and the latest technologies boost top performance and accessibility for any customer.
    Automatic Car Wash System
    CONTACTLESS automatic car wash system is a modern, vehicle-friendly washing method. It uses high-pressure water jets and cleaning solutions to lift the dirt from the vehicle’s surface without physical contact with the car.

    MANTA Wash App

    Enable your customers to make cashless payments, discover the nearest car wash locations and build loyalty through discount plans!

    Engineering Solutions

    Wide range of wash systems’ engineering solutions. From military tanks to your garage.

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