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    4-8 washing bays - Self service car washes
    Self-service car wash equipment for high intensity usage and providing the best experience for a car wash owner and his customer. Number of washing bays- up to 8. Technical room contains all equipment but underground water reservoirs of 1000 liters capacity each should be installed.**

    PORTO is the best long term investment for a location where a large flow of customers must be served - without compromise on quality and reliability. Every detail matters - ask us for recommendations.
    Easy to use
    Our standard 5 washing programs delivers dirt/bugs/spot free washing result combined with easy to understand and use experience.*** Every detail matters: from anti -vibration solutions to carefully selected ergonomic guns eliminating the effect of high pressure flow.
    Implemented technical solutions intended for non-stop operation in case of malfunction or servicing. We have unique solutions for cold climate - forget the frozen pipes That’s means no trouble experience for customers and non-stop income flow for the owner.
    Fair time calculation
    Let your customer become an expert of his own car wash: exact calculation of washing time up to 5 sec and possibility to choose any washing program enables the customer to control the washing process without being in hurry. This feature lets the owner to apply the pricing based on market research.
    Payment methods
    Payment options includes car wash cards with custom logo, coin, token and bank card equipment. Central terminal accepting cash and bank cards is available.
    Take care of the environment
    Take care about environment: exact dosing of washing chemistry guarantees minimum waste impact. Usage of rejected water significantly reduces usage of water and consumables for water softening. Well insulated technical room do not requres excess energy for heating at temperatures below zero. Long lasting technical design is not only about better ROI - it is about less impact on the environment also. We think about it even during process of planning - ask for our recommendations.
    Technical monitoring system
    Technical monitoring system is a tool for owner to manage a car wash: by providing information, creating alarms and allowing to change parameters. There is a few level access via 7'' touch sreen panel. Active alarm warning system with strobe light is optional but helpful tool to ensure that nothing important won't be missed. Online technical monitoring, alarm information sending by SMS or emails are available. Custom monitoring functions can be implemented. Contact us for more details.
    That Operates Even in Extreme Weather Conditions
    Our car washes are ready for any weather conditions. Our unique few level anti-ice system and other cold climate options enables non-continues operation at temperatures below zero and the car wash does not freeze even in case of extreme cold. Your customers won't have to wait for spring!
    Individual projects
    Choose what is right for your business: we can provide full set of equipment including technical room, steel frame and outstanding external decoration from plastic panels or it can be just technical car wash equipment ready to install in your premises. More simple options of external decoration or just steel frame ready for your DIY decoration panels are available.
    Long-term solutions
    Thinking one step further: we provide long term solutions. That's mean evaluating the cost of working hour of your car wash and thinking about reliability, servicing and consumption. Our external decoration made from special UV resistance plastic not only attract customers but also looks like new after few years - without need of renovation.
    * it is recomended to install underground closed looped anti ice reservoir for cold climate countries
    ** It is possible instalation of reservoirs inside of technical room of non standard dimensions
    *** more programs are available
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