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    NO. 13.1.1-LVPA-K-860-01-0863 “MANTA: E-COMMERCE AND SELF-SERVICE”
    Tool: E-commerce
    Start of implementation of project activities: 2021-12-01
    End of implementation of project activities: 02/28/2023
    Project budget: EUR 66,662.00
    Funding amount: EUR 49,996.50
    Project manager: UAB “Manta CWS”

    Manta CWS, UAB, in order to strengthen the company’s resistance to possible economic fluctuations, as well as to attract as many customers as possible through the electronic space, to increase revenue growth, the company’s productivity and work productivity, after evaluating all the internal and external processes taking place in the company and their optimization possibilities, foresees the services provided by the company transfer to electronic space, i.e. i.e. reorient processes and digitize them.
    The goal of the project is the implementation of information systems for managing business transactions electronically, in order to stimulate the growth of the company’s income. During the project, it is planned to install:
    1. Customer self-service service management system. Remote management of customer requests, orders and communication will become simpler and more efficient;
    2. An electronic store for the sale of goods and services, which will allow you to sell Manta CWS, UAB products, self-service car washes, their accessories, service services online, process orders and related information.


    The project is partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).



    Tool: Experiment

    Start of implementation of project activities: 2020-07-28, duration – 24 months.

    Project budget: EUR 598,789.11

    Funding amount: EUR 340,113.05

    Project manager: UAB “Manta CWS”

    During the implementation of the project, the aim will be to create a new washing technology, for contactless vehicle washing, by applying additional innovative technical parts of the washing equipment, using solutions that have not yet been applied in the market, for example, ultrasound, ionizing radiation, based on the research results. Also, based on the conducted scientific research, it will be aimed to produce a model that allows to objectively assess the quality of washing and to create intelligent control hardware and software. The purpose of the project is to study the existing contactless washing process, standardize quality assessment, determine the factors most influencing quality and create a new or substantially improve the existing contactless washing technology, test and apply new washing technologies that help reduce the consumption of chemical detergents. The purpose of the products is contactless car washing equipment, which fundamentally improves the quality of contactless washing by removing the electrostatic dust film, reducing the consumption of chemical detergents and conserving water resources.

    During the implementation of the project, two R&D activities will be carried out to achieve the set goals:

    Development, testing, verification of an innovative contactless washing technology model, simulating real conditions, and their improvement
    Development, demonstration and production of a test batch of innovative contactless washing technology prototype (trial version).


    The project is partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).