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    MANTA CWS - Addictive Car Wash Systems
    MANTA CWS — transport cleanliness systems, designed in Southern and engineered in Northern Europe for all conditions. We create, manufacture, serve and upgrade the highest-quality vehicle wash systems for individual investors and corporations.

    We’ll provide everything you need — from cost-effective, longlasting, exquisitely designed ready-made systems to applied engineering solutions for any site-specific challenges. All tailored to your needs.

    We’re working for sustainable growth and development, combining new ways of thinking and innovation. Therefore, the Italian design master’s Giorgetto Giugiaro design team created the look of our car washes, and our production manufacture employs top-class Northern European engineers.

    MANTA CWS — Care. Warranty. Synergy. A reliable investment in exceptional transport cleanliness systems.

    With Manta CWS, your cash flow is not only abundant, but also almost passive. Our self-service and automatic car wash systems are ultra-reliable, and demand little to no labour costs. CWS maintenance is also cost-efficient and supervised by an assigned team of Manta CWS experts. Think of our car wash systems as PERPETUAL MONEY PRINTERS – once you have it running, it will never stop going brrrr.

    ELCA Holding Group
    ELCA Holding is an international group of companies that integrates and develops online car auction trade, car transportation, rental, and washing services.

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