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    Northern Engineering Solutions: An Investment For All-Weather Conditions
    Northern Engineering Solutions: An Investment For All-Weather Conditions

    A successful car wash business has to operate all the time. But, it’s not always easy to maintain effective washing processes during frosty winters. To keep a steady income throughout the year, it’s necessary to invest in all-weather washing equipment.


    Sometimes, car wash customers might be afraid of using self-service washes during wintertime because of various myths and word-of-mouth stories. They could believe that the washing equipment might start to fail even the simplest tasks or worry about possible paint damage due to extreme climate and temperature changes.  

    Ensure Profitable Operations During the Winter Colds 

    To eliminate your customers’ doubts, choose MANTA CWS manufactured self-service car washes. We develop our products according to Northern engineering solutions that work – the best practices used in freezing climates to keep the engineering processes going.

    When it comes to the return on investment, every minute of operations is essential. That’s why we guarantee an investment that will work even in the coldest months of the year and generate a steady income flow.

    We’ve achieved this by integrating special features in our car washes:

    • Effective multi-level anti-ice solutions that ensure smooth operations in cold temperatures.
    • Stainless steel piping, which could be complemented by a heating system.
    • Container with excellent thermal insulation.

    Also, we take into account site-specific challenges and recommend the best solutions for every car wash installation. For example, what kind of concrete, boilers, or cleaning equipment to choose. Whatever the weather, we ensure smooth operations and perfect transport cleanliness for your customer. 

    All-Weather Engineering Solutions 

    We, at MANTA CWS, manufacture ready-made car wash systems that operate perfectly in all conditions, whether it’s winter‘s cold with salt and dirt or summer‘s heat, full of dust and insects.

    All you need is to choose a washing system that best suits your needs and educate your customers that maintaining and washing the car is essential even in extreme weather conditions.

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