MANTA Wash App

Wash App is a mobile platform that allows your customers to make cashless payments directly from a credit card, discover the nearest car wash locations and build loyalty through discount plans. We continuously develop our IT technologies — enjoy the benefits of our products safely and conveniently. Take the car washing experience to the next level with our Wash App!

  • Direct payments using a credit card.
  • Intuitive and effortless washing box reservation.
  • Secure two-way communication between the app and car wash.
  • Discount plans and codes.
  • Automatic invoicing.
  • Car wash boxes and accessories activation.
  • Complete list of available car washes.
  • Indication of the nearest car wash.
  • Washing box selection — manual, or by scanning OR code.
  • Unintentional overpayment prevention.
  • Secure and steady communication methods.


Get a self-service car wash tailored to your needs and generate even more returns!

Engineering Solutions

Wide range of wash systems’ engineering solutions. From military
tanks to your garage.

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