MANTA CWS manufactures exclusive transport wash systems. Our products are geared towards the maximum return of investment through operating costs, washing quality, and equipment reliability. We build reliable and efficient self-service car washes and install automatic car wash systems. Furthermore, we provide MANTA Wash App platform that supports contactless payments and online washing box reservations.

Ready-Made Systems

Self-Service Car Washes

We manufacture self-service car washes, combining Northern engineering and Italian industrial design. Our cutting-edge software and hardware technologies enable us to provide reliable modular structures for every location’s requirements. Get a self-service car wash tailored to your needs and generate even more returns!

Ready-Made Systems

Automatic Car Wash Systems

In the transport wash business, every customer matters. So win back your customers over and over again with our carefully selected products. We work with verified partners and install automatic car wash systems for all conditions.

IT Solutions

MANTA Wash App

Take the car washing experience to the next level with our WASH APP!

  • Direct payments using a credit card.
  • Intuitive and effortless washing box reservation.
  • Secure two-way communication between the app and car wash.
  • Discount plans and codes.
  • Automatic invoicing.
  • Car wash boxes and accessories activation and more!

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